1. You will need the following: wallpaper printed on white thin cardstock or white thicker paper, ruler, scissors, craft knife, pencil, low tack sticky tape, low tack double sided tape, good quality dollhouse wallpaper paste, foam brush, a plastic card (membership/rewards card), and a matt acrylic sealer (if you're using an inkjet printer, to seal the surface of the print - let the printed page dry for a few minutes before applying the sealer).

  1. Start by making sure that the wall surface is as smooth and dust free as possible.

  2. Print your wallpaper on white thin cardstock or white thicker paper. Wallpaper files by Stubborn Sheep Studio should be printed by choosing the "Shrink to fit" option to achieve the exact scale in the photos shown in my listings. Carefully trim off the edges.

  3. If you have a large area to cover, you can print out one or more pages and join it together. My designs are such that two or more pages of the same design can seamlessly be joined horizontally or vertically.

  1. To join two pieces, flip one piece over and attach a long strip of low tack sticky tape to the side of the cardstock/paper where the seam will be. Stick one side of the tape to the back of the cardstock/paper (sticky surface of tape should face the worksurface).

  1. Gently lift the tape from the worksurface and flip the cardstock/paper over (sticky side of tape should face upwards).

  1. Carefully place the second page on top of the sticky side, making sure that the sides and pattern match up. Smooth down.

  1. There are a few methods to fit wallpaper in a dollhouse, but this is my preferred method as it's easiest to use with difficult walls (such as a bay window) or when a dollhouse already has window frames (as in the case with a dollhouse remodeling)

  • To create a template of the wall area, take a piece of scrap paper with straight edges and place it in a top corner of the inside wall of your dollhouse.  Attach it to the wall with low tack double sided tape or to the ceiling with low tack sticky tape.  Continue along the top of the wall, letting the pieces of scrap paper overlap and securing it to the wall/ceiling and to each other by using pieces of sticky tape.  Make sure that you are using placing straight edges near the ceiling.

  • Continue with the second row from the top by letting the pieces of paper overlap and sticking it to each other by using sticky tape. Don't stick the second row of paper pieces to the wall, but make sure that they they are secured to the top row. Work around window openings (or window frames, if your dollhouse already has these) using this method until you reach the bottom of the wall.

  • Place the template on top of your printed wallpaper, taking into consideration how you would like to arrange the pattern in your dollhouse.  Cut it out and place it against the wall to check that everything is okay before sticking down.

  • When you are done, carefully remove the paper template from the wall by detaching the double sided tape from the wall or the sticky tape from the ceiling.

  • Use the wallpaper paste to stick it to the wall of the dollhouse by following the manufacturer's instructions. A plastic card (such as a membership/rewards card) is very handy to ensure that any bubbles are smoothed out.

  • If you like, you can now seal the surface of the wallpaper by using an acrylic sealer with the finish of your choice (a matt finish might work better for wallpaper and a gloss finish for a tiled wall).